Finger Food

6 pieces per person
Pumpkin Mousse with roasted Pumpkin seeds (V)
White salted cod on olive bread (V)
Carinthia cottage cheese on rye bread (V)
Stuffed mini tomatoes with Tartufata (V, WF, DF)
Zucchini Fritters with Cucumber Dip (V, WF)
Skewers of Carniola Sausage with Pumpkin Seed Oil Bred
Chicken Supreme & Black Pudding Roulade served on Butter Beans Puree (WF)
Ham Hock Terrine with horseradish (WF, DF)
Karst Prosciutto with figs (WF, DF)
Summer Cucumber Cold Soup with Potatoes & Pumpkin Seed Oil (V, WF, DF)
Ricotta filo parcels with "Sireki" (V)
Beetroot, lentil and peppers terrine (V, WF)
Sardines filets in "Malvazija" marinade served on polenta patties
Spinach strudel (V)
Pumpkin seed oil Barley Bread Bruschetta with Chanterelles (WF, V)

Finger Food Desserts

2 pieces per person
Mini "Potica" with Pistachios and Almonds
Mini "Prekmurje Gibanica"
Almond Cake with Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seeds
Mini Pohorje Gateau with Cranberries
Charlotte with Blueberries and Blueberry Liqueur

Cold platters with:

(Approx. 100 g per person)
Coriander Chicken kebabs (WF, DF)
Roasted salted beef (WF, DF)
Prosciutto (WF, DF)
Paprika Salami (pork items will be on separate platters)
Halloumi and aubergine skewers (V, WF, DF)
Courgettes fritters with olives (V, WF)

Finger food

(all dishes will be big for two or three bites)- 1.5 or 2 of each per person
Ricotta filo parcels (V)
Stuffed peppers with puy lentils and chickpeas (V, WF)
Savoury Scones with roasted turkey and wild garlic dip
Butternut squash, leeks and goats cheese mini muffins (V)
Spinach strudel (V)
Baked cheese tarts (V)
Pumpkin seed oil polenta bread bruschetta with chanterelles (WF, V)


(One bowl of each variety or approx. 120 g per person)
Grilled Courgettes and barley (WF, V, DF)
Roasted Celeriac and Carrot with balsamic and lemon (WF, V, DF)
Potato salad with Pumpkin seed oil (WF, V, DF)
Cherry tomatoes and feta (WF, V)
Mixed beans with crispy bacon –bacon on a side (WF, V)


(all desserts will be big for two or three bites; approx. 1.5 of each per person)
Fruit tarts with seasonal fruits
Gluten free mini cherry cakes
Fruit kebabs
Strawberries and cream cups

WF- wheat Free
DF- Dairy Free
V- Vegetarian