We believe in unique artisan food, produce, and drinks from the freshest ingredients, locally, and seasonally sourced without the use of any preservatives or artificial additives. We focus our efforts on making sure that our customers feel like friends coming for a homey experience.


We would like to take you on a culinary journey into the heart of Europe. Karantania was a state which was based on today’s territories of Slovenia and Austria in central Europe from 658AD to 828AD. The people of this region are descendants from the first Slavs tribes that populated Europe after the Ice Age. The farming culture and traditions of the people from this region were represented in their pre-christian belief system, based on the deities and rituals that ruled the natural forces that affected their farming lifestyle— the storms, the sun, the trees, the crops, the spring equinox, the winter solstice, etc. In Karantania Deli we still keep all the flavour and spirit in the recipes that have been handed down to us from generation to generation, without the magical beliefs but with lots of Love. Our products are typical from the regions of the Alps, the north Adriatic Sea and the flat fields of Pannonia. The people from today's Karantania still cook using the local recipes dated back from the 7th century. Whenever you taste any of our products you are basically experiencing the traditional recipes with a modern approach inspired by the region, their people, and their legacy. We will try to transport you to another time and place where a tasty, homey meal was the peak of a long working day in the fields:   Welcome to our table!


                                                              -   Aleksander Albreht, Director and Culinary Artist